It’s About To Get Steep


It was a real butt burner last weekend. I hiked Herman Gulch trail in Dillon and part of Castle trail at Mount Falcon. Herman Gulch trail does not joke around. The trail head starts off at around 10,400 ft and finishes around 12,000 ft. It’s a super steep hike with a 1,600 ft elevation gain.


It follows a path into deep forests that make you feel like you’re in the Hunger Games. Be careful if you go in the morning and after a rain storm. It was quite muddy and slippery when I went.


Gradually, the trail traverses through beautiful meadows filled with Colorado Columbines and Indian Paintbrushes. The views are absolutely breathtaking with wildflower fields and views of the Continental Divide between Pettingell Peak and Hagar Mountain


The climb to Herman Lake hikes back into the forest for a super steep climb passing treeline. Towards the top is an open tundra landscape that leads you to the lake. I didn’t explore Pettingell Peak or the Divide I’ll save that for the next time I am there.


I would advise to go early for this hike. I got there around 8 am and the parking lot was pretty full even though it was only me and a couple on the trail. Coming down from the trail there were loads of people hiking.


Sunday I was thinking of an easy hike because my muscles were pretty sore and I was still exhausted. I headed up to Mount Falcon and took Castle trail which I forgot is actually pretty long. Since I got a late start I turned around about halfway because it was super hot and the switchbacks going down were not going to be easy going up.



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