Waiting For This

Sometimes dreams do come true. God bless America and three day weekends! I’m still reeling from this weekend and it’s not even over yet! Guys, if I have trouble explaining myself in this post it’s because I’m squealing like a teenage girl who lived her teenage dream.


Lately, I’ve been seeking out different hikes to challenge the level of difficult that I am comfortable with. Mind you I have been hiking these alone with the exception of my sister’s dog, Koa. Friday I sought out St. Mary’s Glacier which is located in Idaho Springs. It was rated moderate but I would say it’s easy to moderate depending on you level of fitness and how much you are adjusted to elevation. The base starts off at around 10,000 ft and you hike up from there. It’s about 3/4 mile to the glacier-made lake which is quite chilly as you can imagine. It is not a flat or paved path. It is rocky which people were saying to wear hiking boots but I wore my tennis shoes and was fine.


This is one of those instances where everything looks like a trail. I followed a group up there because obviously I have never been there before. I was proud of myself because I was not as out of breath at 10,000 ft than I am running stairs at Red Rocks which is around 6,000. Colorado you really out did yourself that day. The weather was très magnifique! From the lake you can hike up the glacier or around the rocky side of the mountain. People were skiing and snowboarding down the glacier. Such brave souls. That’s something my younger sister would do. I had no idea the trail was so popular. I got there early and it was already packed. You do have to pay $5 for parking because it’s residential but that’s standard for certain hikes. I highly recommend this place. The views are stunning and you can even camp there too.


July 4, 2015 documenting this day as the day my 90’s crush resurfaced. My older brother texted me a couple days before Saturday and asked if i wanted to go to Blues Traveler at Red Rocks. I’m trying this new thing where I say yes to opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. Of course I said yes because 1. I love live music and 2. because it’s Blues Traveler. After discussing Saturday plans I went to my trusty number one news source, Twitter, and looked up Red Rocks. Turns out Blues Traveler was going to have some special guests including Hanson, Rome (guitarist from Sublime), Guster, 3OH3! and JC Chasez from N’sync. WHAT EVEN?! My mind was fricken blown. Back when I was a young gal I crushed hard on Zac Hanson, the drummer and youngest in the band. Sadly, they are married with children but all the love to them. I blame them for me being single and growing up listening to their music. I want a love like Hanson songs haha.

Can I just say how much fun it has been watching Hanson grow up, literally grow up. I’m not talking about puberty and their new haircuts. They were so young when they debuted and now they are all grown up with a mature sound. I love the addition of brass instruments like in the song Get The Girl Back off of their Anthem album. It gives their sound even more of an edge. I’m listening to them as I write this. Their songs keep your feet moving with their infectious melodies. They aren’t like other 90’s bands who have been forgotten. They continue to be relevant in their own way by producing music that pushes their boundaries but still brings it back home to where Hanson started from.


Anyway, the group I was with got fourth row seats! They are AMAZING live. I will definitely go see them again. The last time they played at Red Rocks was in 1998. I was 10 years old and now I’m 26. Dang the years fly by. Of course I knew every song they played too. They were the openers of the night and I had lost my voice and gave myself whiplash and it was only the start of the night. It was worth it. People went nuts when they played Mmmbop. But ugh I can’t decide which song they played that was my favorite but I guess if I had to choose Penny and Me stole my heart. I was on the verge of tears.

(I envy the girl who got Zac’s drumsticks. My heart is a little broken. I was so close yet still 3 rows away 😦 better luck next time)


It was an evening of 90’s legends and 00’s. I remember listening to all these bands on the bus rides to and from school. Except for 3Oh3! they are new compared to the other bands BUT just as equally as good. I would be lying if I said I was bummed they didn’t play any of their songs however their collab with Blues Traveler is pretty awesome. Guster was so good live. They know how to entertain a crowd and they’re a bunch of guys who want to have a good time. It was epic when John Popper came out to play a song with them. Everyone lost their shit and went crazy. After those two performances, Blues Traveler came on with Rome joining in on some of their songs and all was right in the world. He slays on the harmonica.  If that wasn’t enough 3OH3! jumped in for a song or two. All part of the Blue Up The Moon tour. And then AND THEN hold on to your pants cause JC Chasez wandered casually out on stage. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Apparently for the encore all the lads came together on stage for a rendition of Joker and N’sync’s Bye Bye Bye. WHAT?! Gosh I love concerts at Red Rocks. I didn’t get a lot of pictures because I was dancing the majority of the time. Sometimes you gotta put down the lens and enjoy the moment. I will be buzzing from this weekend for months maybe years. Okay byeeeeeeeeeeee.


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