When life is good all you can do is smile and laugh. I’m beyond happy that summer is finally here in Colorado. We have our fair share of severe thunderstorms but the hot weather is here and I am loving it! Every weekend I try to get out and hike as much as possible. Last weekend, I took my sister’s dog Koa to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.


I believe I have written a post about this spot but it was at sunrise. This time it was in the scorching summer heat. It was fairly crowded as it does get in the summer but it didn’t bother me. I got there around 8 am and you could already feel the heat. Garden of the Gods has miles and miles of trails that wrap around the entire park so you can get views from all angles.


There’s not a lot of tree coverage for shade so remember to bring lots of water and snacks. I really wanted to hike up to the Siamese Twins which was an easy maybe half mile hike. Two rocks join together creating a window between the two. It makes for a really cool view of Pikes Peak. From there, the trail connects to Palmer trail. It winds around the park and it’s probably one of the more shaded of the hikes. Koa and I did some trail running on Palmer trail as many visitors were doing the same.


I have not sweat that much in so long. I am also one of those people who sweats a lot. Gross I know. My hair was literally dripping in sweat. I mean the morning went from 75 degrees to 88 to about 100 with no wind. It was desert like. But I can’t complain too much because I do better in the heat and the views were amazing. My next goal will be going there at sunset.


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