Europe Part 1: “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

This is long over due and I need to start somewhere. To be honest, I didn’t even try to blog while over in Europe. The WiFi was spotty and I was getting Verizon texts up the you know where because of their stooopi      d system. As a heads up, if you have Verizon and are going abroad be careful with the International plan that they offer. Make sure you get all the details and tell them exactly where you are going to be on your trip. Even if they don’t ask, you should tell them. They screwed me over but not my friends. So rude.


But on a happier note, the trip was amazing. I have only gone to London but never Paris, Amsterdam or Stockholm so it was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, we went in the spring so the weather was cold and rainy. I didn’t take a lot of photos while there due to rain and also I like to experience things first before taking photos. I get distracted by taking photos that I often miss taking in the scenery #memoriesbeforestuff. For the entire trip I was able to pack everything in a 21″ carry on suite case! I was pretty proud of myself considering I used to pack pretty much everything I own. My color scheme was 50 shades of grey in the sense that my clothes were black. white and grey. I am so adventurous with color. I brought basic colors and clothes that I could mix and match. So I packed two black pants, five shirts, two pairs of shoes, a jacket, two button ups, a sweater and of course undergarments. I bought these awesome Eagle Creek travel gear kit from REI to help keep all my things in check. They are so much better than vacuum packs or using ziploc bags. Highly recommend picking some up.


So I went to Europe with my dad (only to Sweden) and my two best mates from college. They hadn’t gone to Europe before and I had only gone to Spain and UK. Before we were out of the country we had what was supposed to be a 6 hour layover at LAX which turned into a 13 hour layover due to “plane operations” which meant we had a new plane flown in from somewhere in Scandinavia. I’ve had longer layovers but Norwegian Air never told us why the plane was delayed until later and the staff wasn’t the helpful either. My friends and I received vouchers to compensate for the delay which was nice but didn’t buy much at an airport. It was such a long day at LAX that it’s difficult to think of what we did to pass the time other than eat and walked up and down the catwalks. Once we were finally able to board the “dream liner” plane we took a shot because we earned it and it helped us sleep on the plane.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm was a very rich magical place. I had never been anywhere like it. My dad and I stayed at Elite Eden Park hotel towards the central part of the city. We upgraded our hotel room to a bigger suite because in Europe rooms are pretty snug. We’re basically spoiled in America but things I guess are just bigger over here. Right across the street from the hotel was Humlegården which used to be a royal garden. My friends used Airbnb for their stay and they said the person was very accommodating and it was enjoyable. So far so good Sweden.image

Sweden is very easy to walk around in but it is also a large city. I felt most places were okay walking distance but there other means of transportation like the subway, Uber, Taxis, bike or rent a car. Uber is surprisingly popular over there and I even felt safer than Uber in the States. Also since the city is meant for walking, people wore their trainers aka tennis shoes or shoes with a flat sole. They make athletic shoes look good. They could wear running shoes paired with the most simple outfit and still look super chic. I could get into their style. I am totally basically basic. Have I talked about their food and drink? Well they love their food and drink. But who can blame them because both were equally delicious! I don’t think I have drank or ate that much in the few days we were there.


My dad, his friend and I walked around Djurgårdene, Sweden’s national city park, which is located in the heart of Stockholm. It’s quite the contrast from city to nature but it’s a lovely surprise while walking around the city. I bet it is beautiful in the warmer months with all the flowers in bloom. This park is massive. I mean it goes on for miles and there it’s not only a park. There are museums, cafes, green houses and much more. The water is harbored next to the park with beautiful canals going across. We went was the nicest day out of the entire time we were in Sweden. So you can imagine the park was filled with locals and tourists having lovely picnics and strolls. I could not get enough people watching in Europe.image

It’s hard to say what else we did other than go to restaurants and devour their exquisite food. Oh we did go out with some locals. It’s been awhile since I had consumed that much alcohol and I am a lightweight but it was fun. They’re so classy over there no matter what bar or pub and everyone is nice. And super tall. If I didn’t feel like an ant here in the US already I was like a speck of sand to them. At one of the guys’ friends party they presented a Smörgåstårta which is a traditional Scandinavian dish. Basically it is a sandwich cake which is GENIUS I might add. I may need to adopt this tradition when I need to bring something to a party. It is a savory dish that can be made up of anything but usually it is with mayo, rye bread and some kind of filling like shrimp, salmon, or a type of meat. I didn’t try it because I don’t like shrimp but I imagine it tasting like a cold salad from a potluck with shrimp.


My friends and I checked out the Fotografiska which is a contemporary photography museum. The photos in the exhibit were amazing. Each exhibit had a clear focus and the entirety of the museum flowed quite nicely. Some were more disturbing than others. The museum is next to the water and on a sunny day I am sure it is beautiful but while we were there it rained. Theme of the trip.

Ending thoughts: Stockholm was a fun city. I’d want to go back maybe during a warmer time of year to lounge around the parks and walk around more.

Our next stop was Amsterdam and our flight was delayed. Again.

(More photos to come and better ones. It was just rainy in Stockholm)


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