imageSpending time around a campfire might be the cure for any summertime sadness. Last weekend a group of friends and I drove up to the mountains to camp. We decided to stay in Stillwater Pass area which was a perfect find! So far it has been a very wet Colorado summer which is good for drought but not good for those wanting to get outside. Luckily, there was a break in the clouds towards the mountains and it was amazing weather. The drive up to Grand Lake was breathtaking. I was driving solo and swearing up a storm of how f-ing beautiful the scenery was. I regret not stopping more to take photos at certain turnoffs. The peaks were still covered in snow and there was no traffic. My little Fiat, Sophia, survived!


I only stayed Friday night and left Saturday while others left on Sunday. With the rain happening in the Denver area we lucked out on campsites not being crowded. Erica and Jenny found a great campground that was massive which was perfect to accommodate the amount of people we had. The awesome thing was camping is free over there!image

I have fond memories of camping with my family in the summer. My favorite part was always the campfire. There is something so intimate about campfires. Everyone is huddled around it to keep warm but it is the spot where everyone convenes before they depart to their own tents. We had a feeble attempt at making Erica’s S’moreos (two Oreo cookies instead of graham crackers). I heard they are pretty tasty so next time I will have to try some.image

On Saturday, I opted to relax by the pool at my apartment complex since I didn’t get back to early afternoon and it was for once not raining. Then on Sunday I borrowed my sister’s dog and took her to Mount Falcon. She is getting better at walking around that area. Practice makes perfect. You couldn’t beat the weather on that day either. It was a weekend where it actually felt like summer.



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