Sometimes Everything Looks Like A Trail

Half of last week I was gone for work in San Antonio for a conference. It was my first one and it was definitely opposite of what I normally do at my job. All I know is it’s difficult to make something up when you’re talking to people who works in the medical field. So I left Thursday and got back late Saturday night.On Sunday, I met up with some friends to hike around Lakewood/Golden area and get some brunch afterwards.


It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. I overdressed a bit and was sweating like crazy. It had been cloudy/rainy weather the past couple weeks but we got a break in the morning with sun and a few clouds. There was barely any wind so that’s probably why it felt so hot. We decided to hike South Table Mountain Mesa which is basically my friend’s backyard. There were quite a few mountain bikers, fellow hikers and a couple of trail runners.


It was perfect. Everything is becoming super lush thanks to those spring showers. It was so quiet and peaceful you could only hear birds chirping and the sound of our own voices. It wraps around the entire mesa. So there a variety of trails if you want a longer hike. On top of the mesa you get epic panoramic views of Denver, Flat Irons, Morrison, Lakewood and Golden. You can’t beat that! It’s amazing how hikes that are close to the city can make you feel as if you’re further away.


There was also a road on top which my friend said that police use the area for training. Sure enough we saw a group of them on motorcycles. Heading down the trail was not an easy feat as we went off-roading to get to the bottom. It had rained the day before which left some mud spots. Also, the trail/mesa is dirt and even clay which is not solid at all. Needless to say we channeled our inner ski bum and glided down. Only a couple of slips and muddy shoes we eventually got down.


After the hike we headed to Tellar’s for brunch and met up with a couple more friends. Tellar’s has an exceptional build-your-own Bloody Mary bar and mimosa specials. I’m not really keen on Bloody Mary’s but from what my friends say they are pretty tasty. It’s a cozy spot. My friend, who grew up in Lakewood, said it used to a 7-11. She even remembers where the slushy area used to be in the now local hot spot. If you’re in the Lakewood area or want to do a quick hike, head over to South Table Mountain.

Then I’m off to Europe for a couple weeks. I’ll try and blog while away.


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