Hidden Treasures


One of the great things about Colorado is its diverse geography. There are mountains, vast plains, mesas, desert dunes and desert canyons to name a few. It is an adventure seekers ultimate dream! Last weekend, a couple of friends and I ventured to the eastern plains of Colorado for sunrise at Paint Mines Interpretive Park.


(Thankful for social media and my friend Erica who found this place from Visit Colorado’s Facebook page)


Who knew this place existed? Erica and I headed out around 4:30 am to catch the sunrise. We also met up with an old friend that I knew in Hawaii. We passed the cityscape and headed down to the plains. We’re used to seeing mountains as our daily view but the drive down transitioned to short grass prairie lands that went on forever. You could frolic in that grass for days. Paint Mines is located in a small town called Calhan. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Once we turned off to the road that led us the our destination we were in ‘awe.’


Seriously, this place is hidden. It’s like a secret spot. At first all you see are plains. It isn’t until you walk a little further you see a world that only Mother Nature can create. The history behind this hidden gem is hauntingly beautiful.The park expands about 750 acres with a 4 mile trail. There are pretty spectacular geological formations such as hoodoos and spires that were formed by water erosion. The colorful clay was used by American Indians as war paint and pottery. We had the entire park to ourselves.


Yes it was early but if you have done sunrise hikes guarantee you are not the only one out and about. It was so quiet you could only hear birds chirping. One of the best mornings ever. I highly recommend checking this place out. I definitely want to go again.



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