Weekend Update


Sorry I have been MIA for a few months but I am going to try and get this blog back up and running. I’ve been trying to brainstorm of where I want this blog to go. Clearly it has not been going well considering it’s been months since I have written a post. I’ve asked friends for advice on a good blog direction and they told me to write about my adventures.

So, voila! I give you WEEKEND UPDATES! 

*They will be my new posts until I fully figure out what is going on with this blog.


I have annoying tendinitis in my knee which has been limiting my hiking abilities but oh whatever I still hike. It’s just a little uncomfortable. Anyway, last weekend was such nice weather that I did a solo hike and then met up with friends later. On Saturday I went to my sister’s house to visit my younger sister who recently had ACL surgery. It’s been great having her around since she lives up in the mountains we rarely get to see her. I attempted to tan my now fair skin which was somewhat of a success. I got a little color but will need to definitely tan at the pool because short and shirt tan lines are not that pretty. Saturday was a relaxing family day.


Sunday morning I took a drive down to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I had never been to GOTG during sunrise or sunset but I had seen some pretty epic pictures and knew I had to go. Saturday I did some prep work at Target to purchase a headlamp, flashlight, pepper spray and a knife. I was worried of how dark it was going to be when I arrived and my sisters told me to be even more prepared with a knife, pepper spray and a headlamp. So now, according to my sister I am a true outdoors person because I have a headlamp. Tip for you all. Buy a headlamp.

I drove down a little later than planned so upon arrival the sun was barely even peaking over the horizon. There were a lot more early risers than I expected. I would say even more than at Red Rocks. Before heading down there I did research on parking, park hours etc. One review said to park on the 30th street because the gates were closed but when I arrived there were no gates and loads of cars were entering the park with no problem.


Once I drove through the entrance I immediately stopped my car. Don’t worry there weren’t any cars behind me. When you enter the park there are two massive red rocks on either side of the road and in between them you can see Pikes Peak. it was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Since the sun only starting to rise it cast a light purple hue over Pikes Peak making the red rocks colors pop. I took out my camera as quickly as I could. I wasn’t prepared to see a spectacular view right away. After many anxious snaps I screamed because I didn’t see all the deer around me. I was going to take photos but then I decided not to because I wasn’t sure what they were going to do.


There were a view spots I had researched that I wanted to hike to (unfortunately, I didn’t make it to any of those). The wind was so severe and I was not prepared for cold weather unlike everyone else who was there. Stooooopid me. Live and ya learn right?  So basically, I drove straight past the first parking lot and then was like oh shit I have no idea where anything is. It’s like a giant loop that is a maze of roads and one ways. Beautiful but confusing.


I took photos in various spots and then finally made it around the entire park to head back to the first parking lot. From there I hiked a couple loops and Face Timed my parents who are in MN. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the scenery was at sunrise. it truly is a magical phenomenon. The reviews weren’t joking. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience the stunning views at Garden of the Gods at sunrise. Next time I’ll have to try and stay for sunset. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of photos because my camera decided out of all times to act up and not take any photos at the beginning. I didn’t have much time to stay because I needed to drive back to Red Rocks area to meet up with friends to hike over there. I stayed for a good 2 1/2 hours before heading back. My fingers were severely frozen from the wind and lower temps than in Denver.


I headed back to Morrison to meet up with everyone. With my luck I was terribly late by a half hour! If you know me, it’s a rare occasion that I am late if I am it’s not as long as a half hour. Thankfully, friends are friends and were forgiving. A friend suggested we do Matthew’s Winter Park which is located behind Red Rocks. From all the times i have been to Red Rocks I had no idea this sneaky trail was behind it. I knew there was a trail at RR that connected to a longer one which I believe is the one we hiked on Sunday. There were loads of mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, walkers and dogs. It was such a beautiful morning. If i could start all mornings like that I would. It was just perfect. I will definitely keep Mathew’s Winter Park in mind for the next time I head to RR because it had a good variety of switchbacks.


That’s all for this post. I will narrow down my writing. I blab a lot and will need to cut out my fillers. Hope you enjoy the newest installment of posts. Cheers! Enjoy the rest of your week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Absolutely stunning pictures! I would love to go to Red Rocks someday!

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