Get Your Sh*t Together

It has been almost a year or shorter that I have posted something. Sorry! It is true what people say about blogging that it requires so much dedication and I have neglected my poor blog. Bad blogger.


On another note, it’s my birthday tomorrow. I don’t ever really celebrate my birthday. Turning 21 was supposed to be the biggest party introduction to being an “adult” but I had finals that day so my intro to adulthood was more like a “oh hey, you did it. You can drink.” But anyway, I’m turning 26 tomorrow! I’m not one to particularly freak out in getting older however, the past month hit me hard that turning 26 is the actual initiation to adulthood (thanks to the President. No offense Obama).

Once you turn 26 it is no longer “cute” to live off of your parents. Loads of people still live with their parents or had to move into their parents houses due to the economy but it’s not like you want to brag about it. It doesn’t even have to deal with living with your parents, it also includes the financial stability that parents provide their children. But once you’re 26, it’s kind of expected that you should have a job to pay your bills, your expenses, your fun etc. My younger brother has yet to realize this. I just want to pull a Willy Wonka on him:


But that’s beside the point. I think over this past year I have hear “get my sh*t together” and “welcome to adulthood. It sucks.” It’s honestly exhausting to hear those phrases. When is one supposed to have their sh*t together? Is it at 26? When I had to the lovely task of buying my health insurance I heard the “adulthood sucks” so much that it literally made me depressed for the entire week. I sat at my desk and sulked and spoke to no one. I can understand where being a certain age and being on your parents insurance is a big no no but dang when you’re poor and yes, believe me I know there are legit poor people but I could also end up homeless (it’s an exaggerated but fairly real reality). Anyway, health insurance, it’s expensive but I guess if you want to live it’s good to have. Reading each type of insurance I felt so dumb. The terminology was like a foreign language and used every resource I had to try and understand what it all meant. I still don’t know what any of it means. I do know I pay a fairly high fee each month.

The lifestyle I used to live has been altered slightly to accommodate this new bill. I still buy healthy foods but to be fair almost every grocery store in Colorado is a health food store and luckily local is affordable. I barely go out and it’s not because I don’t have a lot of friends in CO but going out is expensive. My weekends consist of going outside or lounging with my dog. My apartment has its own gym however, that doesn’t mean it’s “free” because it is added on to my apartment community utilities. I guess it’s cheaper-ish than the gym I used to go to.

I met up with a friend after work last week who I hadn’t seen in 3 years. We talked about friends who are coupled up now and which ones will probably get engaged first and dating. I don’t really date because in all honesty I’m broke and don’t bring much to the table other than I wouldn’t be able to pay for dating things here and there. Even the dateable guys I feel like would be in the same boat as me or any other broke 20-something. Perhaps that is why there are multiple articles on 20-somethings being the hook-up generation which I believe because my neighbor upstairs has outrageously loud coitus. It has been quite the 3 weeks with that one upstairs.

I think some of my friends believe I have my sh*t together. Maybe I’m a good actress because my subconscious is very confused. Am I doing it right? I try not to compare myself to others who are around my age but in a different place in their lives. It’s difficult not to though. Do people ever get their sh*t together? Everyone has disruptions in their lives that can cause their plans to go off course. In 4 years I’ll be 30 years old. Holy sh*t. That’s a nauseating idea because I doubt in that short amount of years I won’t be any closer to getting my sh*t and organizing it.

Each year, it’s like an additional number in age and additional responsibilities. But being dumped on with more responsibilities is a never ending check list. Once you have crossed off the last thing life is like haha just kidding! Life is such a tease to our subconscious. ┬áMaybe as we get older we learn a little more how to handle our sh*t in a more responsible manner. One can only hope.

I don’t know what to expect for the upcoming year. I mean, I’ll be 26 years old and still look like I’m in high school. A curse and a blessing at the same time. Cheers to forever being carded!

(I felt Hoodie Allen: Act My Age was appropriate plus I love this song and video)


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