Spotlight: Meet Danielle Sloan

I would like to introduce one of my good friends: Danielle Sloan

She is an intelligent, animal loving, UH alum and an Account Coordinator at a PR firm in Hawaii.

Where are you from?

Kailua, Hawaii (born and raised)

Where do you work/position?

I’m an account coordinator at a public relations firm.

One word to describe the PR industry


What inspires you?

I think that seeing other people expanding their horizons inspires me. A lot of my friends are very courageous and just go out into the world with no real plans mapped out and not sure things in store, but get out of their comfort zone simply because they want to see new things and be in new places. I’m someone who is very routine and afraid of change, so seeing people that I’m close to and similar to be able to go out in the world and make things happen for themselves really does inspire me to get out of my comfort zone, and want to do try new things.

Who is your role model?

I mean, I guess I have to say my parents. Role models to me are people that take responsibility for their lives and try their very best to do what they thinks is right, and that’s what my parents do.  They have always put their children first and always try to do what they think is right, and I look up to them for that.

Goals to reach in 5 years?

I honestly don’t know. My current goal is to learn how to live in the now and enjoy the present. I have  always been stressed out about my future, and right now I’m kind of just letting things fall into place. Things I think would be great to achieve within five years is to do some traveling.

5 things people should know before working at PR firm

  1. It can be very hectic.
  2. You need to stay organized.
  3. It really can be fun, but you do have to work hard.
  4. When you have a deadline, you need to meet it.
  5. You will get it, eventually.

Words you live by?

“Everything works out how it is supposed to be…right?..”

Top 3 favorite apps right now




Advice to unemployed hopefuls

Enjoy your free(er) time while you have it. Do things that you want to do now because you may not have time to do it later. Every weekend is a debate of whether or not I want to finally get a decent amount of sleep, or do I want to get out and do something.

 What do you miss most about college/what do you miss the least?

I miss my friends and socializing.  I MISS IANNA AND AUDREY. I miss being able to make my own schedule and sleeping in until 9 on a weekday. I miss weekday reruns on tv.  I miss naps (ain’t nobody got time for that anymore).  I don’t miss homework AT ALL.

 What does happiness mean to you?

To me, happiness is just waking up everyday and enjoying where you are and what you’re doing. I’m kind of happy just when I’m content. Of course I want to always grow and try new things in life, but I think that I can find happiness when I embrace my surroundings and my relationships. Happiness is having positive relationships with others, and sharing your life and experiences with the people you love. Oh, and animals are happiness.

Best career advice you have received

“You can do it. Stop overthinking.”  Although it’s not really amazing career advice, it’s just a reminder to me that things aren’t always going to be perfect. It makes me understand that although I may not know how to do things right away, I’m always capable of learning and to not look down on myself if I don’t know or pick up on things right away.

What is your next adventure?

I have absolutely no idea. I’ve never left the country, so I think that is something I really need to look into.  I need to touch a tiger.


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