The Struggle Is Real

I apologize this post will not be as nearly joyful as past posts. It’ll be brief.

As much as I would like to be optimistic on the job search front it’s not always easy. Appreciate what you have, what you don’t have and what you’re working towards. The saying goes, “hard work pays off” which I am truly hoping it does. It has been about a month of being unemployed (partly because I haven’t moved yet) but I have applied to a crap ton of jobs. I have a headache thinking about the amount of emails sent within the last month or even year.

My head hurts. I have a tallying poll of rejections vs. scam emails. At the moment they are tied. My current frustration is why people go through so much work to create fake companies or “real” companies yet they scam potential clients. I guess money makes people do weird things.

It’s rude. Finding a career is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Where is it? It takes time, patience, perseverance, hope and some kick ass connections. I am lucky to have solid friends and family to lift my spirits during low times. I’m tired and frustrated which these emotions will pass by tomorrow but it’s exhausting.

I know many of you can relate to similar experiences. Share if you would like.


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