A glorious toast to the year 2013! What a year it has been. A year full of milestones and random adventures. Nine months ago I graduated, last month I turned 25 and within the last two weeks I confirmed my move to California.

Today, January 5, 2014 was supposed to be the day I drove out to California. Due to a few complications the date has been pushed to another week or so. But don’t confuse my delay in moving with not packing up and leaving at all. I have signed the papers and paid my first months rent. My bank account is crying.

It’s hard to believe after months saying “I am moving to California” it is actually happening. The home in Denver has been so good to me which makes it difficult to leave but it’s time for me to make a living for myself.

Not having a job or sufficient funds to keep me alive when I first arrive in California is a little daunting however it hasn’t hindered my desire to move. When I officially announced my plans to relocate via social media there was a fair range of  emotions. Many measured the size of my metaphorical “balls” to the amount of courage I have to pack up and go. Others shared support for my bold life maneuver or questioned my thought process in planning.

To be honest, I am terrified but the amount of excitement for a new adventure trumps fear. Fear is not your enemy it’s a compass. This wouldn’t be the first time I moved to a place independently. When I transferred to Hawaii I had no connections, friends or family and now I have a whole ohana over there!

My advice for those who choose to wander:

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Vulnerable and naive enough to explore your personal boundaries and the world around you
  • Don’t be too nonchalant be smart
  • Make smart decisions
  • Find what makes you happy
  • Do things on your own
  • Adventure more

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