We Regret to Inform You…..


(My 15 seconds of fame. Made it on TV and paper thanks to my cap)

I have been applying for jobs since the beginning of the year and have encountered a handful of interviews that could lead to potential hires and boxes full of rejections.

Thanks for sharing your background and for your interest in insert company. Our team has reviewed your resume. Although you have good qualifications, we’ve decided to pursue other candidates who fit our requirements more precisely.

We will keep your resume on file for future possibilities. If you have applied for another opening at insert company, your application will be considered separately.”

One of the many rejection letters I have received in my trusty Gmail inbox. Yes it’s real. Of course, each rejection email has its own splash of pizzazz because obviously there is more than one way to tell a person no. I could ramble on a collection of rejections but we have all been there, read that.

Being unemployed is a full time job. Waking up early before the sunrises to check updates on late night job postings, doing extensive research for a unique cover letter tailored to different companies and sitting at a desk all day on a computer. It’s exhausting. Not to mention the majority of the emails sent to prospective companies return to my inbox in the form of rejection.

It’s definitely not easy to see your inbox full of “no’s” but I have found the positive side to it. I made a little game  out of my future! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the ‘what’s in your inbox’ show! After a heavy day of applying to job postings, the next morning/day is exciting to see whether or not I will get a response. Even if it is a “no” I pull a Jay-Z and I am “on to the next one.”

(If only all no’s were like Jonah Hill’s in this clip)


One day that no will turn into a yes. Stoked. Stay positive guys we got this!


4 thoughts on “We Regret to Inform You…..

  1. Kudos for reaching out to the post-undergrad, full-time unemployed people! A source of encouragement and comedic relief definitely will help along those (including me) in the what feels like a never ending job hunting process.

    • Thanks Rashae!! Let me know if you have suggestions on topics or if you want to be a guest blogger yeaaaa!

    • Nice blog! 2 months after I graduated I found myself in the same spot… Applying online. One day I decided to dress up nice, and I printed out 10 resumes. I was going to charge a ton of places around town that I could see myself working for. It only took one resume… The first place I charged, I was hired! I try to tell all of my friends to just go places you want to work, and ask to speak to the manager. It will yield faster, and in my case, desirable results. You may have already done this… and I wish you the best. It’ll happen!

      • Thanks Bree! I’m moving to California so once I am there I plan to take charge and go to companies. I’m glad it paid off for you! Thanks for the advice anything and everything is appreciated!

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